Piero’s‌ ‌Italian‌ ‌Cuisine‌ ‌Returns‌ ‌October‌ ‌2‌, 2020

September 23, 2020

Aura, Energy and Family Atmosphere of Piero’s Italian Cuisine Returns October 2

By Brian Hurlburt, Las Vegas Golf Insider

As an author, writer and content producer, the single-most important talent to possess is to understand what is compelling and what will interest the reader. This can be a challenge sometimes, while other times, the intriguing content stands out like the Las Vegas Strip at night.

A Word from Evan Glusman:

The first thing that comes to my mind as far as reopening is that it's been a difficult six months for myself, my father, my employees and all of us dealing with everything happening during these difficult times. But speaking on the behalf of all of us, quite simply, we missed the feel of Piero’s.

There’s an aura about this place and a distinctive and unique Piero’s energy. Piero’s is a part of my identity. The same goes for many of our employees, some who have been here for 25 or more years. Since we’ve been closed, it's been a shock to us. My family comes first, but Piero’s isn't a job for me and it's like my extended family. It's also more than a job for many of the employees.

Piero’s really is a part of all of them and all of us. And I believe that is the case for a lot of our customers. Being away from all of that has been difficult and now we are excited to return and get back to business.

For my Dad and I, we each have our own sets of friends and where we see a lot of them is at Piero’s. Every night it's somebody different coming in and that is very special. It’s as much social as it is business for me. I haven't seen a lot of these great folks in six months, so it will be very nice to see them at Piero's. I think a lot of people are looking forward to enjoying the Piero's experience.

While we look forward to welcoming everyone back, I also want people to know that we are doing everything we can to open safely. We are following all guidelines and even creating our own standards. We understand the times we are in, just like we have always demanded consistency and excellence in our food and service. We will do the same with our health precautions abiding by the new COVID-19 guidelines.

Such was the case recently after a discussion with Piero’s Las Vegas managing partner Evan Glusman. He shared the news about the historic restaurant reopening Oct. 2 after months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic and also interesting insights about the process. Glusman operates Piero’s along with his father, Freddie.

While hopefully the words I have written over a 25-year career have been pretty good, in this instance, I realize I need to take a step back and let Evan’s comments take center stage. He spoke from the heart about what the reopening of this restaurant means to him, his family, and most likely the many, many loyal customers who have missed everything about Piero’s Italian Cuisine.

In looking at the reopening from a purely business standpoint, it is important for us to serving our guests. again. Our main goal is to make sure the Piero's experience and name is protected for the customer service standpoint. It was troubling that in August I started to get some calls from people saying they heard that Piero’s was closing forever. Let me be perfectly clear: nothing could be farther from the truth and Piero's is here to stay.

My strong belief is that Piero’s can be like some of those legendary restaurants in New York that have been open for 100 years and are third, fourth and fifth generation family-owned and operated. Even at the young age of nine, I can see my son, Luke, steering Piero’s into the future when he is ready. He absolutely loves being in the kitchen and it seems like his passion. Plus, he is great with people. That is what Piero’s is all about. Family, relationships and wonderful food and experiences.

Plus, business was amazing to close out 2019 and we were off to an unbelievable start to 2020 when the coronavirus forced the shutdown. This is our 39th year and we are excited to get back to action and rebuild a lot of that momentum that we were experiencing.

Right now, we're not ready to open seven days a week. We are starting being open Friday and Saturday, with the possibility of adding take-out options.
 e do rely a lot on the convention business but we also have a very strong local and regular visitor following who I believe will support us. You will find all of your old favorites on the menu including the famous Osso Bucco and your favorite bartenders will be serving up the Piero’s martinis and other specialties.

Also, we will continually evaluate the operation as we go, but it is important that we return the Piero’s identity and brand to prominence starting in October. We encourage people to see and share our social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook) from us and our customers (both regulars and first timers) enjoying Piero's again.

With all of this said, we thank you for your support over the last 39 years and we look forward to seeing you for this new beginning of Piero’s. Here’s to all of us as we begin a return to some normalcy.

Final Note:

According to Evan, the demand is strong for the first few opening weekends. Reservations can be made by calling 702.369.2305 or visiting the Piero's menu.