Mick Jagger's Latest Las Vegas Adventure

May 14, 2024

Blog Summary: Mick Jagger's Latest Las Vegas Adventure

Mick Jagger, the iconic frontman of the Rolling Stones, recently made a notable visit to Piero’s Italian Cuisine in Las Vegas, a spot famed for its appearance in the 1995 mob film “Casino.” The visit occurred on a Friday night, just before the Rolling Stones were scheduled to perform at Allegiant Stadium. Accompanied by a party of eight and flanked by high-level security, Jagger enjoyed a classic dish of agnolotti with pesto sauce, a staple since the restaurant’s opening in 1980.

Piero’s, run by Evan Glusman (son of the restaurant’s founder), has long been a magnet for celebrities and public figures, drawing everyone from Anne Hathaway to Mark Wahlberg in recent times. The venue’s historic charm and cinematic connections only add to its allure, having been a preferred spot for figures like UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian, Frank Sinatra and comedian Jerry Lewis.

During his dinner, Jagger sat near national radio broadcaster J.T. The Brick and his family, who were also dining at the restaurant. This meeting added a personal touch to the visit, echoing past encounters linked to memorable Stones concerts.

Jagger's visit to Piero’s adds to his history of exploring Las Vegas landmarks, with previous outings to places like the Neon Museum and Fremont Street, showing his ongoing interest in the city’s vibrant cultural scene. This latest visit not only highlights his enduring star power but also Piero’s status as a legendary venue in Las Vegas.

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