Glusman Kids “Surprise” on Father’s Day

June 29, 2015

As promised, here’s the story behind the big surprise Evan Glusman’s kids (Stella, Beau and Luke) delivered on Father’s Day.When we originally sat down with the Glusman kids, we were sworn to secrecy about what they were planning for Father’s Day. When we asked, they said, “You can’t tell anyone. Not even Mom! We are going to make Daddy breakfast in bed.”This wasn’t just a normal breakfast in bed though, the Glusman kids had a very thorough plan developed a month in advance. While two of them were making breakfast, one of them needed to be on Dad “distraction duty” so that he wouldn’t get out of bed and “ruin the surprise.”We learned that they executed the plan masterfully....Stella was on “distraction duty” talking too much and jumping on Dad while Beau and Luke were in the kitchen making breakfast with Mom (Alida Glusman). Breakfast consisted of: one fried egg (thanks to the help of Mom), a side of avocado, one slice of toast (made by Beau and Luke), and a cup of coffee.Once breakfast was cooked and the boys were on their way in, Stella, Beau and Luke all yelled, “Surprise! Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” Stella, Beau and Luke shared a breakfast made with love, homemade cards and told him he was “the best Dad in the world” and they “love him really, really, really much.”When we asked Evan about his Father’s Day surprise…“It was perfect. My Father’s Day couldn’t have started off any better.”What we won’t tell the Glusman kids is that he “could hear them coming from a mile away.”Hey, no one ever said the Glusman kids were quiet, but they sure can keep a secret!