Highlights from ‘Girls Night Out’ with Ponzi Vineyards!

April 18, 2014
Ponzi Vineyards event collage

It was truly a great celebration of women in the wine industry at Piero’s!Luisa Ponzi – a second-generation winemaker from Ponzi Vineyards located in Oregon – joined us for an evening of great company in March with more than 30 women from the Las Vegas community, including sommeliers. Ponzi Vineyards hosts these events throughout the country, and we were delighted to hold 'Girls Night Out' at Piero’s for the first time on March 12th.Luisa shares why Piero’s was chosen for this event…“We search for restaurants that are either owned and operated by women or have female sommeliers throughout the country. That is why we decided to host this event here. We approached Piero’s because Pat Rost organizes an outstanding wine program. Plus, these events are great because we gather and share stories with these outstanding women.”It was a pleasure having Luisa Ponzi and all of the incredible women who attended 'Girls Night Out' at Piero's!If you’d like to learn more about Ponzi Vineyards, please visit http://ponziwines.com/-Pat RostPiero’s sommelier