Longtime Favorite, Piero's is a Favorite With Locals

March 1, 2022

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Piero's dining area with tables and booths

Plenty of Las Vegas resorts, attractions, entertainers and shows are frequently described as “legendary.” Restaurants are a different story.

Because those casino destinations on the Strip are constantly upgrading their offerings to keep visitors coming back for more, the dining scene is forever in flux; even the most beloved restaurants are often transitioned into something new.

But there are legendary restaurants in this city, on and off the Strip, and the best place to begin this discussion is likely at Piero’s Italian Cuisine (702.369.2305), a 40-year-old Italian institution across from the new Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall.

Owner Freddie Glusman, who celebrated his 85th birthday earlier this month, has long been one of the city’s most celebrated hosts, known to spend time with Las Vegas leaders, pro athletes and entertainers. But locals and Vegas visitors alike keep coming back to Piero’s, recently enshrined in the Las Vegas Magazine Hall of Fame, month after month, year after year, because of the one-of-a-kind atmosphere and the classic cuisine, especially signature dishes like the Caesar salad, pasta fagioli, linguine and clams, and house-made pappardelle with mushrooms, white wine, garlic and thyme.

- Las Vegas Magazine