Mother’s Day at the Glusman Household

May 9, 2016

We asked the Glusman kids a few questions about Mom and what they were going to do for her on Mother’s Day. If there’s one thing we are certain of, the Glusman kids sure do love their mother.When we asked, “how would you describe your mom?” The Glusman kids couldn’t have been any cuter!Mom is… “Pretty, nice, cool, not ticklish (aren’t we jealous), loving, fun and the best mom ever.”Then we wanted to know what their favorite activities to do with mom were…

“When we do our hair together.” – Stella“Watching movies.” – Luke“Making cookies!” – Beau

How could you not love mom when she does all those things with you?!So what did the Glusman kids do for mom on Mother’s Day? They brought her coffee in bed, took her to brunch, ventured to the movies and then spent some time in the pool swimming.If that doesn’t sound like a nice relaxing family-fun day, we don’t know what is.Happy Mother’s Day Alida! We hope you had the most amazing day surrounded by loved ones.