Piero’s, fluent in romance

February 11, 2016

The old-school Italian way. That’s how we treat our guests at Piero’s. Ambiance and spectacular service are only a couple benefits while dining at Piero’s, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Whether your Valentine’s Day will be spent dining with friends, family or a significant other, Piero’s is ready to deliver a perfect holiday dining experience.How do we make our guests feel special? We add a touch of romance! Not only will there be a ton of delicious specials to choose from, we will also have chocolate covered strawberries on hand if you choose, and every woman who dines with us will be provided a rose.And if that still isn’t enough romance for you, Piero’s has an extraordinary wine list that should do the trick!Make your reservations for Sunday today by calling Angie at 702.369.2305.