Piero’s Garbage Caesar Salad!

What is the Garbage Caesar at Piero's?

There’s quite a story behind our special salad with ‘garbage’ in the name…

A couple of summers ago, some friends and I started to experiment with different ingredients for a great salad. We worked on it for about two hours! In the end we came up with what would become one of our most requested dishes – Piero’s delicious Garbage Caesar Salad! It’s a Caesar salad with a twist, containing tomato, avocado, shrimp and hearts of palms.Several months after our special creation was born, my friends who helped me create the ‘special salad’ started requesting it at our restaurant! Finally, one of our waiters (Linda) suggested that we add the salad to the Piero's menu.Since then, we’re proud to say that the Garbage Caesar has received great reviews and is a common request from many of our locals. Our customers appreciate the large portion size of the salad and the complimentary ingredients it holds.We invite you to come and taste our delicious Garbage Caesar Salad any time of the year! Even if it's not featured on the menu, ask your Captain or waiting team about it! We guarantee you’ll love it!

  • Evan Glusman, Managing Partner at Piero's Italian Cuisine