Serving Gratitude and Thanksgiving Joy at 2023 Turkey Gobble

November 28, 2023

Piero’s Italian Cuisine: Serving Gratitude and Thanksgiving Joy at the Annual Turkey Gobble Event

In the heart of Las Vegas, nestled close to the Convention Center, Piero’s Italian Cuisine isn't just a destination for exquisite dining; it's a beacon of community spirit and generosity. Under the stewardship of Evan Glusman and his family, Piero's has long embraced the Thanksgiving spirit through its annual Turkey Gobble event, a tradition that not only serves up delectable Thanksgiving meals but also a hefty portion of gratitude to the community.

A Tradition of Giving Back

For nearly three decades, the Glusman family has hosted the Turkey Gobble, a cherished event that, in 2023, brought warmth and nourishment to approximately 500 families. The essence of Thanksgiving comes alive as the community gathers to enjoy not just the roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, but the warmth of shared humanity and the sweetness of pumpkin pie – a complete feast served with the utmost care and hospitality.

More Than a Meal

At Piero’s, the philosophy is simple: treat customers like family. This ethos extends beyond the restaurant's regular service into the very heart of the Turkey Gobble event. It's an opportunity for those facing food insecurity, a challenge for over 44 million Americans, including 13 million children, to sit down to a meal where the quality of food and service mirrors the high standards Piero's patrons have come to expect.

A United Community

The Turkey Gobble is a testament to the power of community. Piero’s employees and their families, alongside volunteers from across Clark County, come together in a spirited effort to give back. It’s a day that underscores the importance of unity and shared experiences, where volunteers and guests alike are reminded of the strength found in kindness and the joy of giving.

Heartfelt Stories of Gratitude

First-time attendees and longtime volunteers alike share stories of a heartwarming experience that transcends the typical charity meal. It's a day that feels less like a charity event and more like a gathering of extended family, where the atmosphere of Piero's, the quality of the meal, and the sincerity of the service combine to create a truly special Thanksgiving spirit.

Supporting the Heart of Las Vegas

The impact of the Turkey Gobble extends further through partnerships with local charities like the Patrick Kelly Youth Foundation, Youth Charities of Southern Nevada, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, and the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada. It's a reflection of Piero's commitment to the broader community, aiming to weave a fabric of support and kindness throughout Southern Nevada.

A Legacy of Generosity

Since its inception, the Turkey Gobble has served an estimated 20,000 meals, a testament to the Glusman family's dedication to giving back. Each year, the event is a reminder of the importance of gratitude, community, and the role of businesses in supporting those around them.

As we reflect on the success of the 2023 Turkey Gobble and look forward to future celebrations, Piero’s Italian Cuisine remains a symbol of generosity, community spirit, and the profound connections that are forged when we come together to share a meal and give thanks.

Join us at Piero’s, where every meal is a gesture of love and every Thanksgiving is an opportunity to give back and celebrate the joy of togetherness.

This featured article, “Piero’s Turkey Gobble serves up Thanksgiving gratitude along with meals”, was written by By Patrick Blennerhassett of Las Vegas Review-Journal.