Spumoni at Piero’s!

August 1, 2014

What comes to mind when you hear ‘spumoni’? Summertime treat? I’d say it is a sweet ending to a scrumptious meal at Piero’s!Here’s a fun fact about this dessert: Cassata is the traditional name for spumoni. It is also a traditional sweet from the area of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.What makes our spumoni so delicious? It is a layered ice cream and sorbet with cherry and liqueur (brandy). Our Chef Gilbert Fetaz says it’s a great choice for summer…It’s an old-fashioned dessert that’s very refreshing and features several different flavors within!Since National Spumoni Day is approaching (August 13th), why not honor the occasion with spumoni at Piero’s? You can enjoy our spumoni all year round as well!-Evan