The Next Piero’s Generation

The next Piero’s generation (Evan gushes on his kids!)Piero’s Italian Cuisine has always meant ‘family’ to me. In a way, the restaurant was almost like an older brother to me when I was growing up. Now my children, Stella (5), Beau (3) and Luke (8 mos.), see Piero’s in the same light.All of my kids began coming into the restaurant at around 3 weeks old. Just like me when I was little, they absolutely love clams, love to run around the kitchen and look at the live Maine lobsters. They even have their favorite waiters -They all love Mark!  And of course, they love to go bang on the piano when nobody is in the room. And who can blame them?It’s so fun to watch them grow up as part of the Piero’s family. Here are a few things that set each of them apart:-  Stella is the ‘little boss.’ She has absolutely no fear when walking into Piero’s. She knows all of the customers and walks around like she owns the place. I walked in a couple of months ago and she was sitting on Steve Lawrence’s lap “chatting it up” with him and Eydie Gorme. Only Stella!-  Beau has a palate for just about anything. He LOVES salmon and dover sole. He really reminds me of myself as he eats clams endlessly. That’s my boy.-  Luke is still coming into his own (he’s only 8 months!) – So other than being a sweet boy in his high chair, not too many stories yet. But that will change!Time always goes so fast so please bear with me if I occasionally take the opportunity to brag. I am, after all, a dad!-Evan