Visit Piero’s for Shrimp Cocktails in Las Vegas

April 10, 2023

Delve into Shrimp Cocktail Heaven at Piero's Italian Cuisine in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a city known for turning dining into an event, presents an array of options for shrimp cocktail aficionados. Tracing back to 1959 when the Golden Gate's 50-cent shrimp cocktail became a sensation, the city has a long-standing affair with this classic appetizer. Although the era of 99-cent shrimp cocktails has passed, the tradition continues with both classic and innovative renditions of the dish.

Among the top five places that stand out is Piero's Italian Cuisine, a beloved establishment that has witnessed Vegas's transformation over the decades. Piero's offers a jumbo shrimp cocktail that perfectly balances the spicy kick of the cocktail sauce with the zing of horseradish and the freshness of lemon. This is served alongside traditional Italian appetizers. For those with an insatiable craving for shrimp, Piero's also serves a delectable jumbo shrimp scampi as an entrée.

For a taste of Vegas's luxurious dining scene and the best shrimp cocktails in town, Piero's Italian Cuisine is a must-visit. Find out more about the other four places that make the best shrimp cocktails by visiting the original Las Vegas Review Journal article.